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    Matthias Schwanz has joined the sales team as of today. After his apprenticeship and studies at DESMA he worked for...



    Today, our medical service is with us and offers all employees the COVID-19 antibody test. The response is also great...



01. 7月. 2020


Matthias Schwanz has joined the sales team as of today. After his apprenticeship and studies at DESMA he worked for years in project planning and now changes to sales. We wish Matthias much success and enthusiasm in the realization of the upcoming customer projects and are looking forward to the support!

01. 7月. 2020


Today, our medical service is with us and offers all employees the COVID-19 antibody test. The response is also great because we are making an important contribution to the statistical survey for corona pandemic Research.

29. 6月. 2020

Information & presentation of DESMA Webinars

Do you already know our latest webinar program? We will inform you about all topics, which advantages we offer and which target group is addressed.

Language: German & English
Registration via

29. 6月. 2020

Customer Survey K2019

Question 13 of our customer survey from K2019:

How do you assess the potential of DESMA for the next 10 years?



For the result click here:

24. 6月. 2020


New Mobility: Process development with high dynamics

Over the past 24 months, we have been approached with a large number of product developments in the field of fuel cells and a wide variety of sealing systems for battery seals. New materials and combinations of materials are being used, which require extensive testing and calculations in advance. Desma has sufficient resources to carry out these developments for customers with its own pilot plant and mould construction at four global locations. A total of around 20 machines with a wide range of clamping forces for a variety of elastomers are permanently available worldwide.
The necessary sealing systems often require extremely thin wall thicknesses and, in the case of battery seals, enormous flow lengths. With the SmartFlow flow simulation, which we have further developed, taking full account of the entire flow stream, including the injection unit, provides very valuable information even before a test mould or series mould is created. As these are very often global development projects, in some cases the complete process development was carried out in our German plant in parallel with the production of the serial mould at the actual production site in Asia. This saved a lot of time in the realization of production plants.
We assume that the demand for such process developments will increase exponentially over the next few years in order to drive forward the change in mobility.
In addition, we are receiving many enquiries from companies that have not been active in elastomer processing up to now and need extensive support for the entire manufacturing process in order to establish these production processes. This then also includes personnel support during the entire start-up phase, which we can offer through our globally positioned application engineers.

Harald Schmid
general sales manager
Kloeckner DESMA Elastomertechnik GmbH

22. 6月. 2020

Virtual collaboration defines the new world of work

Especially in times of the corona virus, the whole working world is changing. Where recently conversations were held directly in the office, loneliness dominates today. The rooms and corridors are deserted, the employees work decentrally in the home office. But even before the Corona pandemic it was clear that the working world was about to change dramatically. The increasingly complex demands placed on globally active companies required a new level of cooperation. This means bringing together people who are far away from each other, but who still work together. An effective and simple form of communication is required from all employees who work together on a site by site or even globally.


In order to be able to create powerful, agile and cross-company teams, DESMA has integrated the so-called 'spaces' in the new digital platform SmartConnect4.U Ecosystem. Especially in complicated projects many employees are involved, each individual is important for the success of the project. However, communication plays a key role for the efficiency of the team and thus the whole project. In 'Spaces' DESMA offers a simple and intuitive possibility to form cross-company teams. The special communication rooms can be designed open or closed. This allows confidential talks but also open discussions. Especially the possibility to store documents at a central location and make them available to others is an important point. In this way, it is possible to work together on individual documents efficiently and purposefully, all employees are always at the same level. There are various options to avoid miscommunication. For example, conversations can be directly linked to physical objects such as production facilities.

In addition to the basics, new products and concepts are also presented to provide new impulses for new thinking, because this unusual time can of course also be used to reposition oneself. An up-to-date schedule of all webinars is available on the digital platform SmartConnect4.U Ecosystem. Free registration is available to all customers at

DESMA offers an online learning portal on the new digital platform SmartConnect4.U Ecosystem for all those who can now spare even less time for further training in their everyday work due to the chaos that has arisen. This also enables learning independent of time at any time.

Due to the current travel restrictions, DESMA has already made a digitally acceptance with new machines. Whereas in the past an entire delegation used to travel for several days, today a DESMA employee on site at the machine virtually connects all participants. Among others, he is supported by the corresponding sales representative who attends the machine acceptance from the home office. The employee is equipped with headset, camera and mobile device. The customer navigates the employee to all the places he wants to take a closer look at, so nothing stands in the way of an uncomplicated acceptance.


Especially in view of the enormous effort the Corona pandemic is making on all of us, it is important to take something with you for the future. We should not only be mindful of the social responsibility of each individual, but also of the knowledge that each individual can and must help when a major task is ahead. Above all, good communication and coordinated cooperation are necessary. But the Corona pandemic has massively accelerated an already existing process not only in the overall social context, but also in the world of work. Many more people are now working from home than before. Business trips and training courses can no longer be carried out as usual. Online meetings, digital team building, knowledge exchange in the form of digital platforms and webinars have changed the performance of our working life forever. Flexible working time models with a high home office share have the potential to lead to an unexpected dynamic and readiness for action. Meeting via web instead of on site saves time. Employees are able to make appointments in America, Asia and Europe on the same day. Digital machine acceptance tests also help to save resources. All these possibilities will have a sustainable impact on our everyday work and change it permanently. Maybe after this transformation we will have more time and money for the actual projects. We at DESMA have already been on the way to this new, virtual working world for several years - be a part of it.



Sascha Abokat, Product Manager New Digital Services

15. 6月. 2020


Contents: The assemblies and functions of the machine are explained. Machine operators and setters get an overview of the DESMA machine fleet, as well as the most important components and peripherals. The insights obtained enable problems in the system to be identified.

Speaker: Jens Winter

Languages: German, English

Target group: Operators, setters, maintenance staff

Register here:

15. 6月. 2020


Content: Presentation of the latest machine control OP DRC 2030TBM.

The participants are presented the new control DRC 2030TBM, what has been newly developed and where to find which parameter windows.

The expanded knowledge enables a better setup of the machine, which positively influences the productivity as well as the quality and manufacturing costs of the articles.
Speaker: Jens Winter

Languages: German, English

Target group: Operators, setters, development

Register here:

15. 6月. 2020


Today we pass the word back to our trainees. What Thishanth has learned so far in his apprenticeship, he tells us in his statement:

Thank you very much, Thishanth, for being part of it

15. 6月. 2020


The integrated flow simulation SmartFlow from DESMA saves time and costs. Thus, continuous competitive benefits are opened up. More about this in the latest DICHT! magazine:

12. 6月. 2020


Due to urgently needed face masks, we made an express delivery of an injection moulding machine including installation and start-up possible for a Spanish customer. The production could be started so quickly that even the Spanish TV reported about it. We are pleased that we were able to realize this project in close cooperation with the customer!

10. 6月. 2020


Kevin is currently completing his training as a technical product designer with us. In the video he tells you what makes DESMA as a strong employer and why it is worth being part of the DESMA Team:
Thank you very much, Kevin for the detailed information! We are happy to have you in our team!

08. 6月. 2020


DESMA Webinar:  Basics of elastomer processing

Contents: Elastomers as a material and their properties, as well as the most important processing methods.

Machine operators and setters gain insights into the material properties of elastomers and the most important processing methods. The imparted process knowledge leads to increased quality awareness and enables problems in the manufacturing process of moulded rubber articles to be identified, which can then be reported and eliminated.

Speaker: Jens Winter
Languages: German, English
Target group: Operators, setters

Information and Registration here:

03. 6月. 2020


Training as an electronics technician for automation technology. What is behind the profession? Elias will inform you about it in this Video:
Thank you, Elias for your explanations.


If you are interested in apprenticeship at DESMA, please feel free to write to

03. 6月. 2020


A worthwhile article in the current corporate magazine STIL and other important topics can be found here:<wbr />STIL02-2020

27. 5月. 2020


Today Niklas tells us what he thinks of the apprenticeship at DESMA. Thanks, Niklas for your statement. If you are also looking for an apprenticeship, please send us an e-mail to

Statement of Niklas you can find here (German):

15. 5月. 2020


DESMA makes personnel adjustments and investments to secure the future

Since the beginning of 2019, the injection moulding machine manufacturer DESMA has already been experiencing the economic downturn, especially in the automotive industry, at increasing intensity and pace. For this reason, and additionally increased by the effects of the corona crisis, DESMA will cut 48 of the 281 jobs at its Fridingen location during the rest of this year. Of these, 16 jobs will be cut due to natural fluctuation. 

The establishment of a transfer company financed by DESMA for further qualification and outplacement enables the 32 employees to separate from DESMA in a socially acceptable way, especially in these difficult times. This measure is part of the ,Resilience’ project meant to reorganise the company and complements the short-time working, which has already been ongoing since last September, the voluntary salary waiver of all executives and the extensive process cost optimization measures initiated.

‚While preparing and implementing this personnel adjustment we prudently and responsibly keep a close eye on the future, not only for those employees who continue to be employed, but equally for those who have been participating in the company’s growth so far and are now leaving. We are also continuing the significant investment in the SAP project for the standardization of the business processes encompassing the 5 international DESMA locations’, reported Managing Director Martin Schürmann on the occasion of the works meeting already held on 11 May via internet conference. His colleague, Dr. Harald Zebedin, in charge of technology, added that the focus of development is on new products that are currently being built to secure the future of the company.

The DESMA company group operating at 5 international locations will, according to corporate planning, employ a staff of 517 worldwide at the end of the year, 233 of them in Fridingen. Due to the current situation, the company is unable to make a sales forecast for the current fiscal year. DESMA is the market leader in the production of injection moulding machines used for the manufacture of demanding technical silicone and rubber articles used, for example, in the automotive, electrical and medical engineering industries.    

13. 5月. 2020


Normally we welcome our customers for training courses at our Fridingen facility. Or our training team travels directly to the customer - no matter which country. Nobody would have expected that this would not be possible for a certain period of time. We still keep close contact to our customers and bring our training content online via the screen to all of you.

Our head of training, Jens Winter, also likes to arrange an individual webinar appointment with you! For contact:

13. 5月. 2020


Daniel Hipp has already completed his training as an electronics engineer with us and after further training as a technician in mechatronics, he is currently responsible for tool acceptance, trials and development projects in our technical center.

His special field is cold runner technology. He is holding a webinar on this technology today from 14.00 - 15.00 pm.

If you would like to attend, just register under

11. 5月. 2020


DESMA provide a broad portfolio of cold runner products. Individual components can be combined in a wide range of variations. In this way, DESMA finds an individually solution for every requirement. The speaker gives an overview of the various cold runner systems from DESMA. The respective advantages and benefits of the individual systems are explained in detail.

Speaker: Martin Crkon

Languages: English

Target group: Employees with DESMA experience


Schedule overview and registration via

You can also arrange your personal appointment with us!

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