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27. 5月. 2020


Today Niklas tells us what he thinks of the apprenticeship at DESMA. Thanks, Niklas for your statement. If you are also looking for an apprenticeship, please send us an e-mail to

Statement of Niklas you can find here (German):

15. 5月. 2020


DESMA makes personnel adjustments and investments to secure the future

Since the beginning of 2019, the injection moulding machine manufacturer DESMA has already been experiencing the economic downturn, especially in the automotive industry, at increasing intensity and pace. For this reason, and additionally increased by the effects of the corona crisis, DESMA will cut 48 of the 281 jobs at its Fridingen location during the rest of this year. Of these, 16 jobs will be cut due to natural fluctuation. 

The establishment of a transfer company financed by DESMA for further qualification and outplacement enables the 32 employees to separate from DESMA in a socially acceptable way, especially in these difficult times. This measure is part of the ,Resilience’ project meant to reorganise the company and complements the short-time working, which has already been ongoing since last September, the voluntary salary waiver of all executives and the extensive process cost optimization measures initiated.

‚While preparing and implementing this personnel adjustment we prudently and responsibly keep a close eye on the future, not only for those employees who continue to be employed, but equally for those who have been participating in the company’s growth so far and are now leaving. We are also continuing the significant investment in the SAP project for the standardization of the business processes encompassing the 5 international DESMA locations’, reported Managing Director Martin Schürmann on the occasion of the works meeting already held on 11 May via internet conference. His colleague, Dr. Harald Zebedin, in charge of technology, added that the focus of development is on new products that are currently being built to secure the future of the company.

The DESMA company group operating at 5 international locations will, according to corporate planning, employ a staff of 517 worldwide at the end of the year, 233 of them in Fridingen. Due to the current situation, the company is unable to make a sales forecast for the current fiscal year. DESMA is the market leader in the production of injection moulding machines used for the manufacture of demanding technical silicone and rubber articles used, for example, in the automotive, electrical and medical engineering industries.    

13. 5月. 2020


Normally we welcome our customers for training courses at our Fridingen facility. Or our training team travels directly to the customer - no matter which country. Nobody would have expected that this would not be possible for a certain period of time. We still keep close contact to our customers and bring our training content online via the screen to all of you.

Our head of training, Jens Winter, also likes to arrange an individual webinar appointment with you! For contact:

13. 5月. 2020


Daniel Hipp has already completed his training as an electronics engineer with us and after further training as a technician in mechatronics, he is currently responsible for tool acceptance, trials and development projects in our technical center.

His special field is cold runner technology. He is holding a webinar on this technology today from 14.00 - 15.00 pm.

If you would like to attend, just register under

11. 5月. 2020


DESMA provide a broad portfolio of cold runner products. Individual components can be combined in a wide range of variations. In this way, DESMA finds an individually solution for every requirement. The speaker gives an overview of the various cold runner systems from DESMA. The respective advantages and benefits of the individual systems are explained in detail.

Speaker: Martin Crkon

Languages: English

Target group: Employees with DESMA experience


Schedule overview and registration via

You can also arrange your personal appointment with us!

11. 5月. 2020

DESMA WEBINAR: OP DRC 2020HT operatingpages

Contents: Setting parameters of the DRC 2020HT machine control.The participants will be explained how to use the DRC 2020HT control, where which parameters can be found and how the corresponding parameters influence the processing process. The expanded knowledge enables a better setup of the machine, which positively influences the productivity as well as the quality and manufacturing costs of the articles.Speaker: Jens Winter Languages: German, English Target group: Operators, setters 

Schedule overview and registration via

You can also arrange your personal appointment with us!

11. 5月. 2020


Contents: Elastomers as a material and their properties, as well as the most important processing methods.
Machine operators and setters gain insights into the material properties of elastomers and the most important processing methods. The imparted process knowledge leads to increased quality awareness and enables problems in the manufacturing process of moulded rubber articles to be identified, which can then be reported and eliminated.

Speaker: Jens Winter 

Languages: German, English 

Target group: Operators, setters

Schedule overview and registration via

You can also arrange your personal appointment with us!

06. 5月. 2020

DESMA WEBINAR: Hydraulic circuit diagram

Contents: Explanation of the hydraulic circuit diagram

The structure and the procedure for reading the hydraulic circuit diagram are explained to the participants. This helps the maintenance staff to understand exactly how the machine works. Faults can thus be analyzed, rectified or described to the DESMA service more quickly.

Speaker: Jens Winter

Languages: German, English

Target group: Maintenance staff

Dates: May 07, 2020 (English) & May, 14, 2020 (German)

Sign up here

24. 4月. 2020


Let us turn necessities into opportunities  l  The continuation of our business operations

Dear business partners, dear business friends

We hope that you have been able to gain a little strength and good inspiration in the company of your beloved ones over the Easter holidays, also and especially because of the currently challenging time.
It is a pleasure for us to see how active the connection with you has been over the past days and weeks, and how you have discussed with us projects that are to be implemented with good prospects, at least in the medium term. We have also been able to negotiate and successfully book some nice orders by working from our offices at home.

Our optimistic view of things is completed by a further around 100 registrations in our SmartConnect4UEcosystem.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for this!
By our letter dated 20 March we promised you to inform you once again about the continuation of our business operations:

• On April 20, we will restart our production at the locations in the USA, Slovakia and Germany, strictly following the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). 

• We fulfil all delivery obligations without exception and can offer you extremely attractive delivery times even under the current conditions.      

• The Indian location is closed for the next two weeks due to the strict lock-down regulations of the Indian government. We are closely following the conditions there in close cooperation with our local team.

• Business in China is picking up and we are back to 'normal operations'.

• However, we are largely ruling out public contact with our customers, suppliers and in cross-location cooperation at all locations and are initially replacing this with the various web conferencing tools until June 12th, which are proving to be astonishingly efficient; this also applies to machine acceptance and process engineering tests, by the way.

• However, our customer service technicians can be deployed for locations that can be reached directly by car and are not affected by frontier closures, taking into account the RKI regulations that are also strictly applied in customer and overnight businesses. If this is not possible, the hotline and individual web service has been able to establish itself very well so far.

• Our webinar program, see attachment, which we have initially tested internally over the past two weeks, will be available to you and your employees from 27 April on - also linked to our Ecosystem.

Even if we know that some of you were and are personally strongly and partly also very tragically affected by the Covid19 pandemic, let us nevertheless turn the current necessities into opportunities and thus consider the crisis as an opportunity to emerge from it stronger. 
Our sincere thanks for your valued attention, stay well-disposed to us and - above all – healthy!

With best regards on behalf of the DESMA team


Martin Schürmann                             Dr. Harald Zebedin
                           Managing Directors

30. 3月. 2020


Even in this challenging time of the corona crisis DESMA never stands still. In order to continue to be with our customers and to offer the best possible service, DESMA has launched a new product: The digital machine acceptance - also good for optimization and offers best resource saving!

23. 3月. 2020


SARS-CoV2  l  Information to our business partners

Dear business partners, dear business friends


In the current situation, we are all faced with extreme challenges in all aspects of our lives. The things of our everyday life that we have taken for granted so far are new gaining a new importance weighting.

In order to meet our entrepreneurial and social responsibility to the maximum possible extent under the circumstances given and to keep the reins of action as much as possible in our hands, we decided to take the following actions - exceeding the options for actions carefully chosen on Feb 26 and March 12 - concerning our locations in Germany and Slovakia for the time being:

  • For the well-being of our staff and thus for your well-being, we are reducing our production capacities starting today to an emergency operation until April 17 in order to then reassess the situation.

  •  Similarly, we postpone the delivery of orders in close coordination with the customers affected by this, unless these orders are clearly of system and supply-relevant importance, e.g. in the medical and pharmaceutical industry or the infrastructure sector.

  • The supply of spare parts is not affected by the emergency operation, as far as the pre-supply situation, which is currently becoming increasingly sluggish due to the logistical challenges, or the availability of our employees, allows it.
  •  Our service technicians and hotline service staff are 'remotely' available by telephone and web service. For the time being, no service assignments will be carried out at your premises.
  •  All service technicians who are currently still in the field in non-risk areas to install equipment will be withdrawn from the field starting today.  We will work with your production and maintenance teams to hand over the equipment in a mutually acceptable state considering the current circumstances. In doing so, we will also try to establish conditions that allow you to work independently and/or with our hotline support.

  • The staff of our project and application technology service is also 'remotely' available via the contacts you know. 
  • The same applies, of course, to the contact persons you know from the design and sales departments. 
  • We will give our locations in China and India our unrestricted support in their operations, which are currently running (again) at full capacity, but we will also take a critical look at the local development. 
  • We are trying to maintain the US operations under the regionally varying conditions of emergency legislation and in the interests of the health of our employees, as far as this is justifiable. 
  • We see our business activities under the aspect of force majeure and the far-reaching official instructions that have already been issued or are expected to be issued, which will certainly differ from region to region.    
  • We will inform you again on April 16 by another letter regarding the situation and delivery capacities. Of course we will of course remain in touch with you bilaterally and on a daily basis.


However, we would also like to invite you to continue networking with other industry partners and us via the SmartConnect4U ecosystem during these challenging times, in order to exchange information in a targeted manner, to boost project work and to shape the future!  After your registration, we will go live with the currently announced functionalities for the most part and no later than March 30. Please register now at


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of us - but especially those of you who have already been severely affected by the current strokes of fate - to continue to have the strength and perseverance that we will all ultimately and abundantly need to deal with this difficult situation for the benefit of all. At the same time, however, we wish you the courage, confidence and optimism to think about the future and to continue to shape it with perspectives. 

Stay well-disposed to us and - above all – healthy!

With best regards from the entire DESMA team


Martin Schürmann                     Dr. Harald Zebedin  

                        Managing Directors

16. 3月. 2020

STAY HEALTHY! #flattenthecurve

The incidents are overturning and it can be assumed that, in addition to the closure of the federal borders, there will be further significant restrictions on public life. In view of the threatening situation caused by the COVID-19 virus, we agree with the generally valid recommendations and strengthed our efforts to flatten the curve as of March 12th.

We appeal to the solidarity and sense of responsibility of each individual to contribute everything in our possibilities to slow down the spread and thereby protect not only our employees - especially the risk groups - but also you, of course!


The following measures have been initiated in the last few days:

  • Dispensers with disinfectants against bacteria and viruses have been placed at various positions in the company. These are to be used by the employees on site for at least 30 seconds after the previous hand washing.

  • The high-frequency contact surfaces, such as door handles, staircases and operating buttons are cleaned several times a day with a specific cleaning agent.

  • Employees who have a mobile computer device or similar for work purposes will stay in the home office for protection.

  • Internal meetings are held via video chat. If personal face-to-face meetings are required, high open spaces should be selected and limited to a maximum of 15 minutes. 

  • Until further notice, we will not hold personal meetings with our business partners. All pending issues can be discussed by telephone, e-mail or video conference.

  • All business trips will be avoided until further notice. 

  • Our employees are requested not to use public transport any more. It is important to keep a distance!

Please all handle the situation with responsibility so that we can soon return to normal business life.

Take care of yourself. And take care of other people! Our health comes first. Stay healthy!

04. 3月. 2020


This month Philipp has finished his apprenticeship as a toolmaker - with full success! Congratulations, Philipp! We are pleased that you will continue to support us as a young skilled worker in the production.

10. 2月. 2020


Globalization, climate change, digitalization, new mobility, demographic change - these are all developments that shape our company and processes. How we deal with the megatrends and how we define our values with them is shown in this video:

03. 2月. 2020


My name is Kevin, trainee as Technical Product Designer, and at DESMA I have already gained various insights in the different departments during the first months.

Whether designing a miniature machine, assisting in assembly or even drilling in the educational center, in all cases I learnt skills that enable me to start my career. In the future I would like to continue to gain experience in order to expand the skills for my apprenticeship.



22. 1月. 2020


My name is Sandra Zimmermann and I'm working at DESMA in the machine and spare parts dispatch. As key user I was allowed to travel to our plant in India to support our colleagues in their big project, the introduction of SAP S/4HANA, in the sales process.

It was a special experience for me to see our plant and processes live. I also had the opportunity to get to know the Indian DESMA culture. Every day our colleagues keep calm and give 110 % in the implementation of the project.

The cooperation and support between the plants I enjoyed very much. I am happy to be part of the project and DESMA team.

11. 12月. 2019


Hello, my name is Stefan Braun and I successfully completed my dual business informatics studies in September 2019 in cooperation with DESMA.

The dual studies were structured that I spent several months studying theory and practice alternately. In the theory phases I attended the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Villingen-Schwenningen and learned the basics of business administration as well as applied computer science. I was able to apply my theoretical knowledge in the practical phases. Here I was employed in the IT department of DESMA in Fridingen. After a brief introduction to the IT systems and processes in the company, I was allowed to work on IT projects and work on system administration tasks.

The highlight of my studies was a stay abroad in the USA for several weeks. There I worked on an IT project at our subsidiary and I had the opportunity to learn something about the American culture. After my studies I continue to work on interesting tasks in the IT department. 

11. 12月. 2019


Our Wuxi sales team gaining momentum: Tough times don‘t last. Tough teams do.......perfectly gain additional customer and market potentials.

20. 11月. 2019

K 2019 - THANK YOU!




First of all our sincere thanks for the time and attention you devoted to us during your visit to the K fair.  We highly appreciated your visit in particular because of our dual trade fair concept ‚ENTER NEW SPACES‘ and the efforts involved for you! 

As a memory of your stay please also refer to our fair movie and the photo gallery that reflect the highlights you have seen and the atmosphere of our event. Additionally, you may also find a summary of all aspects of our showcased value and service offer in our RECORDS 2019 already handed over to you in Düsseldorf.     

Not just because of our dual trade fair concept, the K2019 has been something exceptional for us, but it was also marked by the starting signal that we embarked for you on developing into a mechanical engineering service provider integrating itself into the business processes of our business partners. - Some answers to the question as to how this shall work you will find when getting to know our SmartConnect4.U Ecosystem to the free access of which you may also subscribe directly without obligation. 

However, it is of special concern to us to learn how you perceive us, what feedback you would like to give us and where we should and must improve for you. For this purpose, we would be pleased if you could take 10 minutes to participate in our survey, unless you have already done it during the K.

We look forward to seeing you again at our Open House at the latest, which will take place next year again simultaneously with the FAKUMA in Friedrichshafen at a date within the period of 13-17 October 2020 still to be defined for you. We should be very glad if you could block this period already in your calendar.      

Thank you very much for your attention!

On behalf of the DESMA team

Yours sincerely,


Martin Schürmann         Harald Schmid 

08. 11月. 2019


On the eve of the K Trade Fair, DESMA opened this year's dual trade fair appearance under the motto "Enter New Spaces" in the “Glühofenhalle”, the forge hall, in the Böhler area.

This time, DESMA presented its services with a new dual trade fair concept at K 2019. Customers signed up in hall 16 at booth F56. In small groups, visitors were taken to an exclusive venue by shuttle bus - a former steel mill in the west of Düsseldorf - where they were welcomed in a cool lounge. On 400 m², the company had built up an entire machine park. In the spacious hall, visitors experienced individual presentations of DESMA technology live. DESMA experts demonstrated the systems and explained the technical details.

On 15 October, DESMA invited the press and VIPs to the opening. In his speech, DESMA Managing Director Dr. Harald Zebedin explained the complex challenges facing the company. Uncertainty is the new megatrend. The automotive industry and world trade are undergoing a radical change and DESMA is also feeling the effects. Nevertheless, the targets set out remain achievable. By 2022, a market share of 50 per cent or about € 180 million in sales is sought to be achieved, DESMA wants to gain at least 50 new customers per year and generate sales of € 50 million in the business of customer service, spare parts, rebuilds and mould making.

Sales Director Harald Schmid explained: “DESMA is a hidden champion, that is an unknown global market leader.” He said it was on its way to becoming a mechanical engineering service provider that integrates itself into the processes of its business partners. This reorientation is supported by the SmartConnect4.U Eco System presented at the K for the first time. 

Necessary changes in uncertain times

Dr. Stefan Loheide, Head of Research and Development at BOGE Elastmetall GmbH, gave a comprehensive overview of the economic factors of influence in his presentation on the trends in automotive development. The economic focus is shifting towards the East, resources are becoming scarcer and new mobility solutions are urgently needed, but it is not yet clear what they will look like. The future has become more confusing and this creates uncertainty. BOGE faces its challenges with a consistent change strategy. Applied to the development department of an automotive supplier, this does not only mean managing the existing business optimally, but also initiating a regulated process for improvement and innovation at the same time. This makes it easier to react flexibly to changing conditions.

Experience technology first hand

The particular focus of the systems on show was on making production more flexible, for example by converting systems at short notice. One exhibit was a D 968.250 ZO Benchmark 750 S3 with FlexCell. It was impressive to see how quickly the DESMA technicians on site disconnect the FlexCell automation cell from the machine in just a few simple steps and how easily the 3-ton cell was then be manoeuvred on an air cushion. In less than three minutes it was reconnected - again ready for operation. The system produced a moulded rubber article with an overmoulded SmartIdent RFID chip - for the first time.

Another D 968.250 ZO BENCHMARK 750 S3 with QuickLock quick clamping system was also installed in the Glühofen hall. This machine is the first to produce moulded rubber articles with overmoulded SmartIdent RFID chips. The mould is changed in just a few minutes. The mould clamping is ensured even in the event of a power failure or a complete drop in hydraulic pressure. A mould change with a hot mould was presented live.

Aside from that, the focus of the machines on show was on efficiency and performance. In addition to a number of other features, a 969.300 SEALMASTER S3 was equipped with a hydraulic PerformanceKit. This significantly improves all movements of the mould carrier and the hydraulic core lifters. As a result, cycle times are reduced by 2.5 to 5 seconds, depending on the motion sequence.

The fourth system on display, a D 969.100 Z S3 with FIFO-C high-pressure injection unit and PartnerFlexcell, is an example of efficient small series production. The swing-out extruder unit facilitates a quick change of the mould or compound, made possible by the FIFO-C injection system with 100 cm³, 2,450 bar with integrated PlastControl. If required, the plasticising screw can be very quickly removed for inspection or cleaning. In HTV silicone applications, the new Cartridge+ plug unit allows the material to be changed easily and largely without losses.

This system was presented with a PartnerFlexCell, which was equipped with a collaborating six-axis robot system and offered a new CE-compliant safety concept as well as three-dimensional scanner protection. This enables robots, machine and people to work together without mechanical safety guards. Besides, the design of the PartnerFlexCell allows its easy transfer to other machines. Thus, either pure machine operation or plant operation is possible by switching over. This machine also used a ZeroWaste ITM system with a mould for the production of small rubber-metal articles. The metal parts are fed into the mould by the robot.

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